7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site

7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site

7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site. Let’s learn about this.


Do you want to rank your site without WordPress Plugins? Generally, we are so used to Yoast SEO. Someone uses another plugin paid or free.


There are millions of WordPress users trying to optimize their page speed and choose SEO friendly Theme. There are a total of 40.6% users who use WordPress who know about the CMS between 64% CMS user.

If you find then you have a 40.6% chance to find a WordPress theme. That’s why there are many biggest sites are made by WordPress. Like Star Wars Blog, Beyonce, TechCrunch, PlayStation, Facebook Newsroom, eBay, Search Engine Journal ETC are made by WordPress.

They have got not million of traffic they got billion of traffic.  That’s why WordPress is most famous CMS than any other.

But when it comes to improve SEO score and Optimize SEO Then we all think about different types of SEO plugins. But most of us use Yoast Plugin. Because it gives us some hints about our SEO. Nothing else.

That’s not a problem that we use a plugin for SEO. It’s common and easy to use. I also use this to make my SEO speed better.

But everything is not in control of a free or paid SEO plugin. There are many typical things that are a plugin cannot fix at all. So, we have to Do this manually. How can we this? In today’s article, I will try to help you guys to fix and do better SEO for your WordPress site.


  1. Choose an Optimized WordPress theme for better SEO.


You can choose a theme from WordPress.org. Because their themes are well optimized than wordpess.com. So, it will help you to get a lightweight theme. That is really helpful for SEO.


We always try to select a well-designed theme. But if we focused on SEO then we have to choose a well-customized and well-optimized theme.


Well, Optimized themes are looking simply. Its design is really so simple but well optimized, that’s why I personally like well-optimized themes. These themes are SEO-friendly. We can pass google web vitals by doing some optimization in these types of themes.


When it comes to choosing a theme from WordPress then I recommended:


  1. Generate Press (highly recommended)
  2. Genesis
  3. Astra
  4. Divi
  5. OceanWP


  1. Make your WordPress site faster:


Google is really taking a hard step to serve it, users, better results. So, for that reason, Google has announced that the page speed will be the biggest issue to make a website ranker. So, we have to always try to make our site faster.


There are many ways to improve and optimized site speed to make a better result. But there are many important and critical things to increase website speed. I will write a details article to give a details article.


But you can use some plugin to make a better speed result in WordPress site:

  1. Wp Rocket
  2. Wp Total Cache
  3. Lite Speed Catches (For lite server)
  4. Smush (For Image Optimize) ETC

You can use CDN (content delivery network). It will help you a lot to make your speed result faster than before. I personally recommended this.


  1. Change your link type to make a better title basis link


Post or article title in URL will give a better benefit in On-Page SEO. Because Google always wants to give a better user experience to this user. So we have to make something relevant. Non-relevant things are just useless in the google bot eye.


This link: https://nayeemboktheir.com/digital-marketer-and-seo-expert-in-bangladesh/  is better then,


This link: https://nayeemboktheir.com/120-koph152/  ( it’s not mine 😉)


Because in the first link I have used my title in the URL. It’s really helpful for SEO. This simple and tinny this are important to make a better result.


Google’s John Mueller said in Twitter, “The SEO effect of keywords in the URL is minimal once the content is Index”


That is minimal but not valueless🤔. So why we need to unuse this advantage☺. We will try to use this advantage.

Don’t go without reading 7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site.




How to change this URL / Permalink?


better SEO on your WordPress site


Go to the WordPress Dashboard.

 improve SEO on your WordPress site


Now click on the permalink.


And now you have to select the Post name option

7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site


Now you can choose the Post name option. I prefer this a lot.  Because when you select a title for your blog or article you have to use your title in the heading.  And if you fixed the page name as your keyword then this setting will take your URL automatically as this post name.


  1. Set up and turn on Breadcrumbs

People who are new to SEO don’t like to use Breadcrumbs. Actually, it’s not help’s us a lot but its help’s our little bit. I was said first that Google always likes to give a better experience to their user. Breadcrumbs help users to find a way to make activities on your website.


So why we deselect this☺. We have to take all types of little and bigger advantages to make our site rank.


7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site


How to enable this with a Plugin?

7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site


I have given screenshots from Rank math. But don’t need to worry if you are a Yoast user. Because all’s settings are same like this.

  1. Block page using Robot.txt file.

Sometimes we delete our pages. But after delate any indexed pages that is convert into 404 pages. This kind of 404 pages can hamper a lot of user’s minds.  When Google sees that 404 pages and that page is index yet, it seems a negative vibe. That will hamper SEO. It can down your SEO optimized.


So what we have to do to remove this kind of 404 pages? We have to said Google to remove this page from SERP / Index. When we said this then it will be removed by the next google bot crawling.

So, we can say Google to remove this type of 404 Page by Robot.txt file. We have to Disallow this kind of link from Robot.txt. Then this file will be said Google to remove this link.

 improve SEO on your WordPress site


When you use an SEO plugin then you can create this type of file by SEO Plugin. Otherwise, if you want to make it manually you have to create it from your WordPress file manager.  Then you can use this feature. That is not too many hard things. 7 ways to improve SEO on your WordPress site


  1. Choose SEO-friendly Plugins.

There are many types of plugins that you can use to develop your site. But all’s are not good for your site. So that you have to choose this kind of SEO Plugin to Optimize SEO

1.Yoast SEO

2.Rank Math

3.All in One SEO

4.Link Checker

By using this type of SEO plugin, you can see the SEO status of your website and it will help you a lot. These types of SEO plugins will be told you about the best way to get rank and it will show you errors if you miss something or if you have to do something more.

  1. WWW vs non-WWW

There is no special magic in the Domain name. We used WWW (World Wide Web). That does not give us any special advantage to our website SEO. SO, if we want to use this then we can either we don’t need to use this.

But I prefer to use it. Because it sounds good. I used it on my personal website. My website name is nayeemboktheir.com.


Do you want to know anything more from us then you can contact us.

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